After we’ve removed all the animals from your house or business, our next step is cleaning up any feces, urine, or messes left behind from the animals. Cleaning up animal feces is a very detailed and important process. Animal feces can possess potential hazards specifically related to the inhalation of the contaminated materials. 

In some cases where bats have been roosting in attics, their droppings may even contaminate your air filtration even without entering the attic space. Some of the most common forms of diseases the can develop from over-exposure to animal feces includes:

Once we have determined the amount of feces in your house, we will remove accessible insulation and waste products. The area will then be treated with a decontaminating agent that will not only disinfect the area, but break down smaller organic waste. In some larger cases, an entire attic clean out maybe be suggested. [link to “Insulation Removal & Reinstallation” service]