The final step in our animal removal process is repairing any damage caused by the problem animal and securing your home or business against any future animal intrusions. 

The most common repair work we do is to damage caused by squirrels and raccoons. Soffits, fascias, chimneys, and the places around the edges of your roof are very vulnerable to this damage. It is quite easy for animals to chew holes and gain access into your home in these areas. 

Other problem areas would include vents from dryers, stoves, bathrooms, and attics, especially for birds and smaller animals. We have screening and cover guards available that will prevent wildlife from entering and nesting in these areas. 

Preventative Repair Services

Once we’ve determined that all the animals have been removed, the most important and final step is making sure all entry points are closed and sealed. We will provide an estimate for the closures to those areas or help you with the right plan to do it yourself. 

  • Screening
  • Vent Covers (Roof, Chimney, Bathroom, etc.)
  • Deck Trenching