Animals can gain entry into your homes and businesses through a variety of ways. The first thing we do, here at Advanced Wildlife Control, is inspect your entire house both inside and out.

Our technicians will look for signs of activity and any areas where animals have and can enter into your home. 

Our technicians will then walk you through the following steps needed to get rid of the problem animals.

Removal & Relocation

Here at Advanced Wildlife Control, we use a variety of techniques and cages to effectively capture our problem animals. 

For 99% of our jobs we use live traps to remove the problem animals. However, there are some instances in which we will have to euthanize animals that are suffering or carrying potential diseases. All of which are humanely put to sleep at our facility away from our customers’ homes or businesses. 

Once we have caught the targeted animals, we humanely relocate and release the animals 30+ miles away from our customers’ homes or businesses. 


Once we have determined that all of the problem animals are gone and removed from our customers’ homes or businesses. The next step is to clean up any messes left behind from the animals, such as feces or urine, and to sanitize the area to get rid of any bacteria or diseases. 

Repair & Prevention

Our last step in dealing with animal removal jobs is repairing any damage caused by the problem animals. 

Preventative Repair Services – chimney cap or vent cover installations, deck trenching, etc.